Guggenheim Hermitage Campaign

Branding Campaign, Fine Arts, Print, Travel


The Guggenheim-Hermitage Museum in Las Vegas needed a vibrant look to advertise their new exhibition. Russia! Treasures from the Kremlin Museum, is advertised as the “most comprehensive and significant exhibition of Russian art since the end of the Cold War.” The marketing design needed to reflect and attract a sophisticated audience while commanding the attention of the Las Vegas traveler among the lights and overwhelming advertising of the Strip. The challenge was doing so without resorting to stereotypical communist era Russian design, as the exhibit was more a mix of delicate jewelry and fine arts from the 16th and 17th centuries. The design brought together recognizable Russian icons and complimentary colors that felt both strong and artistic while keeping a classic yet attention getting look. The design worked well throughout the varied pieces of collateral needed, from invites, signage, backlit posters, hanging banners, and outdoor 100 foot wall coverings.